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Predator 74 Sportsbridge

The Predator 74 can be ordered either with standard hardtop or with a sportsbridge on top and I would suggest that the sportsbridge is well advised. Nods is  equipped with the Sportsbridge option. Accessed via a drop down ladder, the sports bridge provides a commanding view around whilst offering two comfortable sun loungers as well as a helmsmans seat which could seat two people (provided they are not too large!).

There is good instrumentation up here together with a Raymarine repeater screen. The throttle controls are sublimely smooth allowing near inch by inch control and when used in conjunction with the bow and stern thrusters help to make the boat very maneuverable with great visibility fore and aft.

This is an excellent space and provides an additional exterior area for when the boat is underway and indeed when the boat is in dock whilst still allowing for a great cockpit and sun lounging area at deck level.