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Predator 74 MAN 1550 hp engines

As previously mentioned, the two engines aboard Nods are MAN 1550hp which are the middling of the range available aboard this particular Sunseeker model. They are impressive and push the Predator 74 along with a spirited performance.  When one considers the weight of this boat, acceleration is impressive and the Predator is quickly up to speed. They start just fine and with the exception of an occasional error message on the Port engine which usually goes away there are no particular issues in this area in terms of the engines themselves. I expect that this is either down to a minor software glitch or electrical connection on the bus somewhere.

I have previously talked about performance and economy and for a boat this size and type, the MAN 1550’s perform well here. Charging around flat out doesn’t really justify itself across anything other than short runs and it is possible to get, in a relative fashion, reasonable economy out of Nods on longer runs, particularly in flat seas.  At the time I left the boat at the start of January, the engines had a little over 300 hours on them. Perhaps a little on the high side for a boat of this age but certainly not sky high. The boat has done a number of longer runs including Mallorca to Italy and back (before I joined the boat) as well as runs Mallorca, mainland Spain, South of France through to Northern Italy (Imperia). In addition during it’s timein the Caribbean it has travelled across the Windward and Leeward Islands to where it now nestles in St Thomas, USVI.

The last engine service was a shade over 7,000 Euros and the engines have been well serviced, to schedule.

I cannot really fault the engines. Arguably the Port engine burns a little more oil than the starboard but this is nothing to be overly concerned about.


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