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Sunseeker Predator 74 – Accommodation

Moving onto the private and sleeping areas aboard Sunseeker Predator 74, Nods. From the galley we turn right and head towards the back of the boat through a companionway, behind which is a small storage area for linen as well as a washing machine (which wasn’t working at the time I left the boat). Once through the companionway, we enter the main cabin or the ‘Owners Cabin’. This is a spacious area that occupies the full beam of the boat. On the starboard side is a seating area, port side, a desk / dresser area. A full size double straddles the centreline of the boat. Two large windows on either side of the boat let plenty of light in and afford the occupants of the cabin a good view across the water. This space is pretty good and has a nice atmosphere. On the port side of the cabin forward is a shower and heads room which is reasonably spacious and looks pretty good. At the time I left the boat, tiles in this cabin had cracked (as they had in every other shower / heads unit on the boat).

On the starboard side is a walk in wardrobe which is a fairly useful space although I would query why the light switches for this wardrobe are hiddent right towards the back of the area?

Heading forward now, and back up the steps on the starboard side is the twin cabin. Two singles. I feel  that this is a useful area for occasional adult guests and for children. There is storage under the bunks and a small wardrobe in this cabin. The cabin has access to the ‘shared’ heads which will be used by other guests aboard the boat, particularly during the day. The heads unit is once again OK and is tastefully furnished. One issue that did affect this cabin was a leak through a starboard exterior vent which has allowed a fair amount of saltwater through the headlining above.

There has also been a leak out of this cabin which had damaged the original companionway carpets which should now have been replaced, although there was a small amount of water damage to the wood in this area. Apparently (whilst under the custody of another skipper) there have been previous issues with leaking from this heads unit; Sunseeker having had to re- seat much of the heads furniture there.

The next cabin along is the bunk cabin which is very small. Labelled ‘the coffin’ by guests of the owner, this cabin is in reality only for children. It is a rather stuffy and cramped space. Unless you have a requirement to house a lot of guests on board the boat, I really think that you would be better off, specifying the breakfast area instead of this bunk room.

Up forward is the Predator 74’s  ‘VIP’ cabin. This is a comforatble cabin area with it’s own ensuite, again with the same furniture as the other heads aboard the boat. There are two wardrobes on either side of the cabin.

All cabins are air conditioned and this is effective in keeping the boat cool. Every cabin has TV and audio installed, the one in the owners cabin being larger and operable and indeed capable of being positioned by remote control.

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